About energiesco

Company Background

Founded in 1983 with the main office in Xiamen

✔ 1,220 Employees with 150 offices

✔ 30 JV Factories as of May 2013

✔ Sales/Service office locally in USA to service customers

✔ 100 new items each day

✔ More JV Factory will add on every 6 months


Our commitment to sustainable development, an essential part of our activity

Our commitments

We work to be an open company in touch with, that is close to the consumer and we are committed to a sustainable future.

Sustainability Plan

The basis for the implementation of a new energy culture.


We promote electric mobility, energy efficiency and open innovation.


Sustainable development is a cornerstone of our strategy and the protection of the environment is one of our most important commitments.


We open collaborative spaces to find out those innovative projects that help us build a more efficient energy future


Elecsco is specialized company with development of proprietary technology lighting products. Elecsco has started to develop the independent LED LIGHTING since 2008, and the proprietary model was developed by promoting continuous product development, and it held the independent ability to develop from LED LIGHTING to control system.The lighting specialized company which is recognized worldwide. It is providing the products to the famous as the demanding international Japanese companies, and LED LIGHTING Solutions are being provided to a variety of customers in Japan including the SAKAI SILK SCREEN, INABA Electric, Stanley Electric

Clean Coal

We select only the industry leading premium clean coal supplier to service our client and provide the best quality product at the best price. Ask us for a quote now!

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